Daniel Jones Rookie Cards: Collector’s Guide

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In the 2019 draft, the Giants shocked everyone by selecting Daniel Jones as the 6th overall pick. While everyone knew that the Giants would soon be picking a new QB to take the reigns and replace the aging Eli Manning, no one thought they would go with Daniel Jones unless he made it to the 17th pick.

It’s hard to say whether the Giants’ gamble will pay off, but so far Jones has looked great in practice and perfect in his one preseason game thus far. Jones went 5/5 for 67 yards and a touchdown in his NFL Debut. Not bad for a first showing, especially since he looked like a seasoned professional the whole time. If he continues to produce consistent numbers and ends up being the starter over Eli this year or even next, Daniel Jones rookie cards could take off in value more than they already have.

Best Daniel Jones Rookie Cards

Being so early into his rookie year, there are not a ton of rookie cards released yet for Daniel Jones. However, from what has been released we can guide you to the clear favorites and best investment choices so far.

2019 Prizm Draft Picks Daniel Jones Red White Blue Rookie Autograph

Prizm cards are always long term favorites in the community. I especially enjoy the red white and blue variations with autographs on them. This card is #116 from the Prizm Draft picks set and is limited to 99 cards in case you are searching.

You can find this card on eBay for $45-$100 at the time of writing this guide. This pricing is for raw cards. At this point in the year, there are not a ton of graded Daniel Jones rookie cards available yet. Pricing will vary once these start coming back from the grading card companies. However, it’s worth mentioning that, for this specific card, the price should only go up if he continues to play well since the card is limited to 99 copies.

2019 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Daniel Jones Cracked Ice Autograph

Don’t you just love cracked ice cards? I know I do. This Daniel Jones rookie card goes for anywhere from $150-$300 on eBay at the time of writing this. As pictured, the card is numbered to /23 which makes it a much harder to obtain card than a /99 or larger card. Also, currently only raw cards have been trading on eBay as I mentioned above. Once the graded versions start coming back this card will probably get even more expensive.

One of the big things that I personally love about this card is the fact that the autograph is an on-card autograph. Most of his rookie autograph cards are simply sticker autographs which, to me, are not worth as much as knowing that this card was personally held/signed by Daniel Jones himself.

2019 Panini Legacy Daniel Jones Rookie Autograph

One of my favorite sets of cards this year has been the 2019 Panini Legacy set. I love the “Gypsy Queen” look to it and the good mix of rookies and stars. This card design is one of my favorites for rookie autographs this year.

The Daniel Jones rookie autograph card shown is an autographed variation of the card #151 of the set. On eBay, the raw version has been trading for about $80. That’s actually a fairly cheap price to grab a rookie autograph for what should be a starting QB in the NFL. The obtainability of this card is another reason that I chose it as one of my must-have rookie cards for Daniel Jones. I don’t think you can beat the value of this card right now.

Do you collect Daniel Jones rookie cards? What’s a must-have rookie card, in your opinion? Leave a comment below!

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