Should You Buy Packs Or Individual Cards?

A common question I come across often with new collectors is whether or not they should buy packs, whether they be from hobby boxes or retail, or just go on eBay and buy cards individually. The truth is that the right answer can be different for any given person. It all really depends on what sparks joy for you in the hobby. There are definitely some factors to consider before going all-in on one choice or the other though. Why Buy Packs? The rush of the dopamine hit. Let’s be honest, ripping packs can be as addicting as gambling. When …

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3 Things That Are Ruining The Hobby

With the economy better than ever, there really has never been a better time to get into collecting sports cards. The hobby has been exploding the last few years with new collectors and old collectors returning to their roots. But is #thehobby really at its peak?
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PWCC eBay Consignment Rates

Did you know that you can actually avoid paying eBay and Paypal fees by consigning cards? Depending on the consignment rate, it can actually be cheaper to list your sports cards through PWCC than listing them on eBay yourself.
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