What is a PC in Sports Cards?

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If you’re just getting into sports cards for the first time or getting back into it after an extended stint away, you may be noticing that there’s a ton of abbreviations and terminology surrounding the hobby that can be overwhelming to learn at first. One of the more common terms you’ll see thrown around a lot is “PC”.

PC in the sports card world stands for “Personal Collection”. Since most of us rip packs in addition to buying singles online or from an LCS, we’re not always interested in keeping all of the cards we pull. Cards that someone collects for their PC are usually not for sale or for trade.

PC sometimes stands for “Player Collector”. This refers to a person that collects one specific player. This term is less used but worth a mention. Most of the time you see the term “PC” you can assume it means personal collection.

How Do I Decide What Cards To Collect For My PC?

The beauty of a personal collection is that it is just that… Personal. So you can decide to collect literally whatever or whoever you want. I’ve seen people that have an entire PC consisting of one player’s cards. Other people collect by team. Some collect players that went to a certain college. There are no rules when it comes to sports card personal collections.

What or who do you collect for your sports card collection? Leave a comment below!

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